Trip To The Old City

Today was our First Official group activity and we went to Jerusalem. In all the places that I have traveled to I never thought that I would make it there. I do  not know why but it always seemed like a place I would never actually get to see. The bus ride from the Dizengoff Suites to Jerusalem was fun, it was a time for the students to get to know each other a little better.  I was so excited to get to the Old City that last night I made sure my Camera and phone were fully charged so that I would not miss a thing.

Our Guide met us at a hotel right outside of Jerusalem. We were then whisked away for a history and culture lesson unlike any before. She showed us all the different states and where all the different religious quarters were in the old city. She showed us from a far first in order to give us a background of exactly what we were going to be seeing once we got into the old city. After quite a long lecture it was time to go see the Dead Sea Scrolls. It was amazing to belive that these are the oldest biblical scrolls left on this earth.

After the Museum in which the Dead Sea Scrolls were located it was time to move on into the Old City. The Old City was majestic and amazing. It felt like we had stepped into movie Aladdin one of the Students said during the tour. The part that was truly amazing for me was the energy present in this city. It was almost a little bit eerie because it felt so powerful. I am not sure if it was the religious spirits all circled in this one area or the power of the believers all here on a religious pilgrimage. All I know is that it was extremely powerful! And unlike anything I have ever felt!!

The City was amazing and our Tour Guide really showed us everything we wanted to see and then some. In addition she took us to an amazing restaurant for lunch with truly authentic food. I think we were all little skeptical when we sat down but after we finished eating we were all believers that this food was really something special. (See Picture Bellow)

David and I stayed back in Jerusalem since his parents were staying in a hotel nearby and had dinner with them. It was a treat to walk back into the old city at night after the Sabbath was over because everyone came out to play and be social which was a unique experience.


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