Farewell Brunch!

I cannot belive that I am writing my final Academic Entry for this trip. While today is not a company visit it is a close on what has been an amazing field study. We as a class have learned so much and been so busy. I have enjoyed every minute of it because the companies have been all very interesting. I have to say when you go on one of these trips you do not expect to enjoy every visit and I can honestly say I did.

The brunch today was nice and in a beautiful area. It is Friday and that is the day by the port that they have the open air markets. When we walked into the restaurant we were seated at a long table. Pace Alumni slowly trickled in and we all took our seats.  I was lucky enough to be sitting near Ayla for the beginning of brunch who is responsible for helping Prof. Bachenheimer with some of the great visits. She is a very interesting person. It was nice to have a little time to chat with her on a more casual basis.

All the Alumni we met were interesting but it was especially neat to meet a General in the Israeli Army. Especially since most Israeli’s do not make a career out of the army. It was interesting to meet someone who has made a career out of it and achieved such a high rank.

The Alumni Present were:

  • Ilan Aisic
  • Eran Frenkel
  • Eric Klein
  • Yorman Levinson
  • General Avi Mizrahi

I would like to take this forum to personally thank them all for coming and making our farewell brunch a success.


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